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Ozpaws Munchkins is a small in home TICA registered cattery. We breed for good health, temperament and color. Our cats are raised with free run of our home. Kittens are born in my bedroom this way, I can provide a controlled environment for them to ensure the health of our queens and kittens.



What is a Munchkin?

It is a naturally occurring domestic cat with unusually short legs, a spontaneous change in the genetic heritage of the cat has introduced a gene similar to that seen in Corgi's, Dachshund and Basset Hound. It is a God made change, not one by man. The gene is a spontaneous autosomal dominant mutation and it only takes one to pass it on. The long legged kittens in the same litter as a Munchkin do not carry the gene. Munchkins do not have back problems like the Dachshund because their spine is different. This is why cats land on their feet. Cats rarely have spine problems.

Munchkins can run, jump and climb. They sometimes stand on their back legs just to have a look around. The personality of a Munchkin is very loving and playful. They love to hide things. They are very sociable and enjoy company. Friendly and self assured, Munchkins will accept new cats, dogs and even new people very well. Munchkins will purr as soon as you pick them up.

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Last updated Dec. 31, 2004

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